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Target markets for Quikstix include office, travelling, camping, picnics, outdoors, plane, bus and train travel, hotels, trekking and hiking, retail grocery, community and armed services, boating, heavy industry, teaching, nursing, truckies, fast food, catering etc. There is also an excellent market in corporate branding and promotion.

Marketing factors that make Quikstix attractive include…


Quikstix can be branded to any suit corporate image or advertising including your logo, brand, website and contact details for customers and clients. Imagine your brand presented when people are most receptive and delivered in sight, smell, taste, sound and theatre (action). Your clients will never forget you! These include…

Market Acceptance Trial

A clever new product is great but it needs proven market acceptance. Quikstix has been tried and tested in numerous market applications. Some of these include...

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Ingredients are usually from individual suppliers (eg tea bag, milk, sugar, spoon) in various bulk or single serve forms.

All ingredients, including the stirrer are combined in the one convenient product, purchase and supply.

The proportion of ingredient combination often varies per cup. Eg white tea + 1 sugar often delivers varied quality and consistency.

Ingredient combinations are available in controlled portions. Eg white tea + 1 sugar always delivers consistent quality and results.

Quality of beverage is often inconsistent, depending on the location and ingredients.

Quality of beverage is consistent, regardless of the location. Boardroom, backyard, bush…

Ingredients and spoons are often dispensed or kept in a variety of unhygienic conditions.

All ingredients and stirrer are contained and dispensed in a superiorly hygienic standard.

Existing employee tea and coffee facilities are often cluttered, unhealthy and poorly maintained.

The product is far more compact and simple, assisting OHS, order and cleanliness.

Performing the same task with available portioned samples creates significant waste from individual packaging of varied materials.

Waste is minimised as all ingredients are housed in the stirring implement and then discarded in one. Waste material is reduced and biodegradable.

Bulk ingredients can easily spoil from careless administration by multiple users (contaminated sugar, sour milk).

Ingredients remain contained and fresh until use. Spoilage or contamination is eliminated.

Risk of tampering or contamination is duplicated by individual ingredient supply and administration.

Risk of tampering or contamination is highly reduced. One supplier and sealed until use.

Time taken to make the beverage in the existing manner is often considerable.

Time to make the beverage is reduced, benefiting consumer and provider.