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Executive Summary

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Quikstix® is a totally new and unique product in the convenience food service industry. There is nothing similar on the Australian or International markets. Quikstix is a liquid proof tube divided into two sections. One is micro perforated containing real coffee or tea while the handle section with its tear off end contains the other ingredients such as sugar and/or milk. To uses, simply TEAR off the end tag and TIP the handle contents into your cup and add hot water. Then STIR the perforated end of Quikstix in the water to infuse the coffee/tea then SIP. The internationally IP protected Quikstix delivery device encompasses any variety of tea, coffee, chocolate, soup, cordial, medical or similar application with markets including convenient food services and catering, corporate travel and branding, retail sales including grocery, fast food and outdoor stores. Quikstix is currently sold in over seventy camping and deli stores nationally. There has also been serious enquires for distribution in New Zealand.

Quikstix is exclusively owned and this patented product has completed a trial manufacture of retail ready product in real coffee and tea, proven sales in over seventy stores nationally, acceptance into Woolworths and IGA supermarkets and extremely positive market feedback from public and trade shows.

Quikstix is now ready for a license agreement contracts. Our agreement covers everything you need to make your very own Quikstix - stand alone machine and materials to make Quikstix complete with your own artwork. You just supply the ingredients and the market is yours! Corporate, outdoor stores, industry, grocery retail, medical, promotional and branding... the list is endless. 

The Quikstix® delivery device has real potential to be the next Tetra Pak® model of convenience manufacturing for near any beverage hot or cold with market potential from coffee to medicine applications. The potential is very significant.