Quikstix Australia P/L

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Plunger Quality Coffee & Tea in any location...

Quikstix is the clever new way to make a convenient, quality plunger/French press coffee or tea in any location. All you need is Quikstix, your cup and hot water.

As easy as Tear, Tip, Stir and Sip...

TEAR off the end tag of the handle and TIP the milk and/or sugar into your cup and add hot water. STIR the perforated end of Quikstix in the water to infuse your real coffee or tea and mix your drink (stir longer for stronger). SIP...

An Australian award winning world first in packaging that contains separate ingredients, infuser and stirrer in one.




Quikstix is Perfect for...

Office, factory, work site, home, traveling, airlines, trains, ferry, catering, brand marketing, hotels, picnics, remote locations, mines, camping, boating, from boardroom to bush.

With Quikstix you can have a plunger quality cuppa, real quick, in ANY location.

More about Quikstix..

An Australian award winning world first in packaging for any hot or cold drink in a huge range of beverages, ingredient combinations, brands and markets for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

Quikstix is a biodegradable tube divided into two section that contain separate ingredients, infuser and stirrer in one clever product.

Quikstix is IP protected internationally and has had excellent results from initial trade and retail trials.