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Home Benefits and Applications

Benefits and Applications

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Quikstix Benefits...

  • Any Ingredients - Quikstix can be loaded with any beverage combination hot or cold.
  • Branding - Quikstix can be colour branded offering unique marketing opportunities.
  • Quicker - The tea or coffee grounds diffuse quicker in the hot water because the perforated rigid tube gives superior turbulence and mechanical advantage than bags which tend to collapse and rely on a bit of string to jiggle.
  • Convenient - All you need is Quikstix a cup and hot water to make a plunger quality cuppa in any location.
  • Quality - There is no paper taste with Quikstix compared to tea or coffee bags as the paper in Quikstix is specially coated in food grade proofing to improve taste quality.
  • Clean - Eliminates cross contamination, mess or waste and is more hygienic (OH&S).
  • Save Money - Cost effective compared to the traditional coffee or tea methods requiring bag/instant, sugar sachet, stirrer/spoon, milk/whitener plus reducing additional cost for contaminated, spilt or stale ingredients.
  • Less Waste - One pack containing all ingredients separate, portion controlled and fresh. Also drastically reduces spoilage or wastage costs.
  • Recycled - Quikstix is made from predominately recycled materials, the paper contains no bleach or chlorine and is biodegradable. All materials are food grade safe.
  • Save Time - You spend less time making your tea or coffee, and more time enjoying it.

Quikstix Applications…

Handle End

Perforated End

1. Sugar – white, raw, crystal

2. Artificial sweetener – Sugarine, NutraSweet etc

3. Milk – full, low fat, soy, powdered, liquid

4. Milk & sugar (white with one). Mocha blends

5. Flavour – Vanilla, caramel etc

6. Honey

7. Marshmallows - mini

8. Sprinkles – chocolate, caramel, strawberry etc

9. Jelly frogs (lolies)

10. Seaweed (with Miso)

11. Lemon, honey, cough lozenges etc

12. Croutons

13. Fruit pieces or suitable snack

14. Market branding info

15. High protein snack to compliment isotonic drink

1. Coffee – instant or ground combo

2. Tea – any variety

3. Tea – all herbal, chai etc

4. Flavoured tea

5. Flavoured coffee

6. Cold chocolate

7. Hot chocolate

8. Milo, Quick etc

9. Cordial crystals

10. Miso

11. Lemsip (R)

12. Soups

13. Fruit drinks – orange, apple etc

14. Headache/Aspirin type medicine

15. Isotonic drinks